Easy plants for a healthy interior

Easy plants for a healthy interior

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By placing a green plant every ten square meters, you clean the confined air in your interior.

Choose from the easiest plants to care for.

The ferns are plants that are both easy and known for their air-cleaning qualities. To make them look great, trim dry fronds regularly.

You can associate them with other plants to which they will bring their lush greenery with wild charm.

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The spathiphyllum, the "moon flower"

It has lustrous green evergreen foliage that absorbs many indoor pollutants (ammonia, acetone, carbon dioxide, benzene, etc.) contained in varnishes and paints, but also in cigarette smoke.

It appreciates humid atmospheres and will find its place in your kitchen or bathroom, even if they are dimly lit.

Find advice from spathiphyllum culture

The ficus is a classic

It is one of the most cultivated plants in apartments. There are over 1,000 species, the most common being the ficus weeping (Ficus benjamina).

He likes light and doesn't really appreciate dry atmospheres: keep him away from radiators in winter; mist its leaves on hot summer days.

In suspension

The ivy has a preference for cool and bright environments. You can hang it up or let it climb with the help of a tutor.

To make it last, give it moderate watering during the growing season (from March to October) and almost zero during the rest period. Pinch off new shoots to facilitate the development of side shoots.


It is also part of depolluting plants : it absorbs toluene, carbon monoxide, benzene… Rustic, it supports indirect light.

Place the chlorophytum in suspension, you will thus benefit from its small white flowers which transform into plantlets equipped with roots and make it easy to share this spider plant so easy to grow!

M.-C. H. (Photo credits: OHF)

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