Topdressing: what is it?

Topdressing: what is it?

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Composting consists of spreading directly on your lawn a layer of 1/2 to 1 cm of potting soil in order to provide it with the additional organic matter necessary for its good development..

You can also use a compost whose fertilizing action will provide all the needs for your lawn for a year.

Composting, technique and principle

Composting allows good maintenance of plants and turf and also avoids the application of too frequent fertilizers.

  • This operation allows the soil to enrich itself organically.
  • It also helps aerate the earth, which tends to grow heavier over the years.
  • Composting improves the structure of the soil.
  • A better structured soil will promote water retention and fertilization.
  • The addition of potting soil or compost will allow the soil to be more porous and thus promote the gas exchange necessary for the proper development of the roots.

Smart tip

Topdressing is a great way to maintain your lawn in an environmentally friendly way.

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