A floral, rustic and vintage decoration

A floral, rustic and vintage decoration

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Floral decoration is developing in French weddings. More subtle and refined than in the United States, where it is imported from, it sets the tone for the entire wedding ceremony, vintage or country atmosphere.

Flowers can be the starting point of any wedding decoration, that is, their influence! Today, exotic and cascading orchids are out of fashion, the trend is for softness and naturalness in connection with ecology.

"The bride and groom take the time to think about choosing local and seasonal flowers," notes Anne Clausse, communications officer for the Grand Salon du Mariage de Paris. The natural is indeed galloping back… but subtly staged.

Country worked

For two years, the country style has been successful.

The preferred colors are white, natural, twine, linen, with touches of color.

Lisianthus, sweet Pea, ears of wheat, thistlesgarlic scapes hop and succulents are showcased as high end flowers.

The centerpieces feature mixtures of field flowers, moss, bark and fruits (apple, apricot, etc.).

The bride's bouquet: rather round!

In harmony with these two trends, "the bridal bouquet can be made of wild herbs, ivy, but also peony and garden rose, ”explains Sophie Lebourgeois of Jard’interieur, but it is mostly round, both classic and structured, and preferably in pastel pink tones.

To make it more original, why not dress it up with succulents?

The next trends

"The theme of green plants and trees will prevail in table decoration," says Véronique Honoré of Anacréaflore. For example with azaleas in transparent containers decorated with foliage or moss.

The other emerging trend is neon-fluo, which is already a hit in interior decoration: chrysanthemums Japanese, dahlias or others buttercups will energize a white decor, in small touches ...


The other big trend is vintage. “The film Marie-Antoinette, by Sofia Coppola, has influenced many of our brides,” explains florist Marie Starck.

“They also like the 1930s in a sepia atmosphere. »The colors are then delicate: powder pink, white, apricot, peach…

Thehydrangea, the baby's breath, the old garden rose or the freesia are all the rage.

In centerpieces, the compositions are round, on the model of the bride's bouquet.

Magic lanterns

Seeing dozens of illuminated lanterns swirl in the night sky is an increasingly popular romantic idea at weddings.

Inspired by a Thai custom, however, throwing a lantern requires a number of precautions not to turn into a fire start!

Choose fireproof lanterns and make sure you can fly them in an open area, a reasonable distance from trees and buildings.

Claire Lelong-Le Hoang

Round bouquet, old and pastel roses, vintage accessory: a no-fault! ©

Arum is a staple of weddings, like rose, in white, cream and pale pink colors.

Roses, arums, work on the stems and on the moss, this composition is a fine example of the natural trend. © Goodness

Apples, apricots… and why not cabbage leaves in a bouquet of violets? ©

The country-worked in all its splendor for this original centerpiece! © WeddingandCo.

Bonsai Botanic. In 2013, green plants and small trees will establish themselves as centerpieces.

Bouquets of roses © Office des fleurs

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