A small green space

A small green space

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Mini garden, courtyard or balcony: well organized, your corner of blue sky can become a place where life is good.

Even small, an outdoor space is an opportunity, and by arranging it with care, it is possible to transform a balcony, a roof terrace, a piece of land or courtyard into a real garden where each activity has its place. For this, the decoration materials, pots and plants as well as the furniture must be adapted.

Start with the floor, to cover for style and comfort. Wood slats, clip-on tiles, gravel and artificial turf (stick like carpet and vacuum clean) are some of the easiest options to install.

Do not hesitate to combine them in order to delimit different spaces which will give an illusion of grandeur: tiles for the dining area, wood for the "sunbathing" part, grass to create a cozy area intended for children's rest and games ...

Pocket furniture

Once your areas have been delimited, equip yourself with the adapted furniture by playing on the harmonies of colors and materials.

Mini lounge with coffee table and armchairs for an aperitif, a small folding table and chairs for eating, deckchairs, hammocks or ottomans and soft cushions for sunbathing: there is no shortage of models of reduced size or in smart format. There are thus very practical shelves that hang on the balcony railing and fold up easily, chests that act as seats and storage, etc.

Complete with string lights, small lamps (rechargeable if outlets are far away), and a table or electric barbecue.

Touch of greenery

Don't skimp on the plants! They bring color and oxygen, hide you from the gaze of neighbors and help transform a small space into a green garden.

In court, bet on climbers and shrubs, to plant in deep tubs placed along the walls. Choose species carefully based on exposure.

On a balcony, cut yourself off from the street or isolate yourself from vis-à-vis with pots, planters, hanging pots ...

Better, make a green wall by accumulating plants on a pot holder or shelf. The best: install a pergola over part of your balcony (the dining area for example) to create an island of greenery.

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