At the start of the school year, we are active in the garden

At the start of the school year, we are active in the garden

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The return to school in September is a special period. It marks the return to work for the adults and to school for the children. But there is also plenty to do in the garden!

You have enjoyed your garden all summer after preparing it for a long time during the spring. You have invested it so well that you would like to relax a little in September. Well, you're going to have to postpone your garden break until later. Because September is one of the most important months for anyone who owns a lawn, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees or a vegetable garden. They all require special attention!

Fall vegetables

In the vegetable garden, take advantage of this time to harvest the last summer vegetables and the first autumn vegetables. This is also the time to weed, thin out your rows of vegetables to transplant seedlings that will provide you with some vegetables before winter.

If you want to take a break, then take advantage of the last few days when the temperature is rather mild to ventilate your chassis, open your tunnels if you have any and aerate the ground for next spring.

Fruit trees

And harvest, it is still a question with your fruit trees ... Grapes, plums, apples, pears brighten up the fall.

The picking time depends on the region you are in and the weather.

If you have blackcurrants and gooseberries, the month of September is ideal for pruning them. In particular, remember to remove the intertwining branches to ventilate your fruit trees.

Trim the hedges and new lawn

Pruning is another important activity this coming back to school. You not only need to prune the shrubs that bloom in summer, but also prune all your hedges before winter arrives.

September is also a time of reflection ... Knowing what you want for your garden next spring will allow you to prepare it now. So, if you are planning to take advantage of a new lawn, now is the time to sow it or, failing that, scarify the existing one to restore its vigor. This involves removing moss and plant felt that has a tendency, over the years, to settle in the place of your lawn.

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Flowers talk to each other

Flowers, too, need maintenance in September. Perennials that don't already have flowers should be cut flush and you can also think about planting new ones. For other plants, remove faded flowers as you go.

Finally, the aces of cuttings can come into action. Now is the perfect time. It is up to them to detach a portion of the plant and then put it to root in soil or water.

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