Amaryllis after flowering, what to do?

Amaryllis after flowering, what to do?

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Amaryllis is a wonderful houseplant capable of adapting outdoors to relatively warm climates.

Amaryllis, after flowering, can bloom again from year to year in your home as long as you follow certain rules ...

In soil or indoors, find all our advice on amaryllis

The flowers of my amaryllis are fading, why?

The amaryllis slowly enters a period of "so-called" vegetative rest.

She has given a lot to provide these beautiful flowers and now needs to be looked after until the next bloom next winter.

Make an amaryllis bloom again

In spring, at the end of flowering:

  1. Continue to water regularly but start to reduce the number of waterings by adding a strongly diluted liquid fertilizer (about 2 times more diluted than the dose prescribed on the package) every 15 days.

  2. When the leaves start to turn yellow, gradually reduce the watering and the fertilizer supply to stop it completely 15 days later.

  3. When the last flower has withered, cut the stem about 3 cm above the bulb.
  4. Place the pot in a place sheltered from direct sunlight so that its last leaves dry out completely.

In the fall, to make it bloom again:

  1. Between October and March, reinstall it in its place so that it comes out of its vegetative rest.

  2. Remove as much as possibleold soil surface without damaging the roots, then replace it with new one.

  3. Take a regular watering (at least once a week and as soon as the earth is dry) and bring it somefertilizer twice a month.

  4. It will start to grow back normally and will give you new and sumptuous flowers few weeks later !

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