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Strawberry tree: famous for its berries

Strawberry tree: famous for its berries

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The Strawberry Tree is a superb shrub well known for its attractive, edible, strawberry-like red fruits.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Arbutus unedo
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : Summer -Harvesting arbutus : Fall

Planting the strawberry tree

It is recommended to plant the strawberry tree in autumn but you can also plant it without too much problem until spring avoiding periods of frost.

When planting in the spring, plan for regular watering after planting.

  • The strawberry tree likes rather sunny situations
  • For hedges, space each foot at least 80 cm.
  • Follow our planting advice.

Strawberry tree pruning

The pruning of the strawberry tree is best done in the spring.

Avoid pruning in the fall as you risk compromising the arrival of beautiful berries that will remain on the tree throughout the winter.

  • Follow our advice for cut a strawberry tree well.
  • For strawberry trees planted in hedges, follow our tips for trimming a hedge.

Strawberry tree disease

The strawberry tree can be susceptible to frost, naturally, but also to various fungal attacks that cause leaf spots.

Often without consequences for the strawberry tree, it is nevertheless preferable to treat preventively with Bordeaux mixture.

  • Stains of arbutus leaves

To know about the strawberry tree

The Strawberry Tree is a very beautiful shrub that offers pretty edible fruits for humans, arbutus, but of little interest unlike birds which delight in it ...

Easy to maintain, it adapts to all types of land, whether in massif or hedge, but also in tub or pot for your patio.

The strawberry tree is mainly present around the Mediterranean rim but also grows very well along the Atlantic coast.

Its hardiness, in the order of -15 °, makes it a shrub quite resistant to frost and cold.

You will plant it in isolation but also in hedge for brighten up your hedge in winter thanks to its decorative berries.

You will use the arbutus to make a delicious arbutus jam recipe.

Smart tip

You can mulch the base of the strawberry tree to control weeds and protect the roots from cold winter weather.

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