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Bidens: gold in the garden

Bidens: gold in the garden

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Bidens is a magnificent perennial of the asteraceae family with golden yellow flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Bidens
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial

: 30 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained, humus

: Persistent -Flowering : May to October

Plantation of bidens

Tips for properly planting bidens:

It is preferably done at spring. You can also plant at autumn if the winter in your area is mild enough.

Be careful because the plant is freezes and disappears below 5 °. It will therefore not withstand lower temperatures.
That doesn't mean you can't grow it, but it will require planting new ones the following spring.

  • Respect a distance of 30 to 40 cm between each plant.
  • Pick a location mostly sunny and sheltered from the wind because she fears frost.

Multiply your bidens:

Multiplication is easy by cuttings or by seed.

  • Sowing under shelter from the end of winter or early spring, a temperature of 19 ° is required and the emergence lasts 10 to 20 days
  • Cuttings possible in summer.
  • You can also divide the tuft, it is very effective

Size, maintenance of bidens

Maintenance is easy and you just have towater the summer in hot weather or prolonged drought.

Remove them wilted flowers As things progress. This will stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

  • Thewinter, it is important to protect the plant if you fear temperatures below -5 °.

Watering bidens and fertilizers

Water only during the hottest months of the year, if you notice that your plant is lacking water.

To improve flowering, give them someorganic fertilizer for flowering plants in granules in spring.

Bidens after flowering

The bidens is very interesting because its foliage is evergreen and therefore remains very pretty during the winter, provided it is pot grown.

  • Put your potted bidens away from frost in a bright room that does not drop below 5 °

Cultivated in terre, the bidens will not withstand winter in our latitudes

  • Bidens tolerates only light and short frosts
  • Pull up the plant when the foliage has wilted if winter is cold in your home

To know about the bidens

Native to Mexico, this very pretty ephemeral perennial offers a generous flowering of a deep golden yellow and very bright.

There are also white bidens, also very decorative and which are cultivated in the same way as the yellows.

In its natural environment, this plant can flower from fall to winter, but we will have to wait until spring in our climates to see it bloom.

It also offers a long flowering can be spread from April to October.

Frost sensitive, it is often cultivated as an annual in cooler regions.

In picture, aBidens cernua.

Bidens disease

Fairly insensitive to diseases and parasites, the bidens is very resistant.

There are, however, a few subjects susceptible to mildew.

  • Here is how to treat mildew

Smart tip

Grow it also in a pot, its prolonged flowering is a real asset!

Video: Commercial Grower Tips u0026 Benefits: Marietta Bidens (June 2022).


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