Hyacinths: the pearls of spring

Hyacinths: the pearls of spring

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It's time to celebrate: spring is almost here!

Celebrate it with the colors and sweet scent ofhyacinths.

These "pearls of spring" will immerse you in a spring breeze in this season of the year that we have been waiting for a long time.

Hyacinths indoors

This flower is a true precursor of spring. One whiff of its scent and you will know that spring is just around the corner.

Arrange them like cut flowers in a vase. Or use them as pre-forced bulbs to create a dramatic display.

How are they produced?

Every fall, professional growers plant the hyacinth bulbs in pots filled with potting soil. Much attention is devoted to their care and development for several weeks. As soon as they start to grow, they are quickly sent to a store where you can grow them and flower in your home or garden. Enjoy it!


Did you know that there are over 20,000 different varieties of hyacinths? Each is unique, in the colors white, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple and every shade in between. The process of growing from bulb to flower is a fascinating sight. From the bulb emerge green, elongated leaves. Then the show begins. A torch made up of dozens of hemmed flower buds finds its way to the top. This is when the pimples burst. And do not underestimate them: they give a delicious and beneficial scent.

A little history

This flower has pretty origins. The name Hyacinthus comes from the Greek "Hyakinthos". He is a character from Greek mythology. And hyacinths originally come from the eastern part of the Mediterranean. But its origins strangely go back to the asparagus family. The terms "peace" and "beauty" go to the hyacinth like a glove, and they are the symbol of sportsmanship and pride. Good to know: this flower is that of the god Apollo, the sun god.

Hyacinth tips

Would you like to have this beauty at home or outside on your balcony or patio? Follow these tips and you will be fine.

  • The hyacinths intended for placing in a vase are always sold with a piece of bulb attached to the stem. This is the only way the rod can absorb water. So don't cut this piece.
  • Place it in a clean vase with clean water. Change the water every three days - they love it!
  • They don't like to be near the fruit platter. This actually speeds up the aging of the flowers.
  • Hyacinths in pots are resistant to weak frosts. So don't hesitate to kick them out.
  • More information on flower bulbs and potted bulbs? Visit the website

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