Galgo Greyhound: an exceptional dog

Galgo Greyhound: an exceptional dog

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The galgos: a breed of dog sacrificed

This article is a rant, a call from the heart, a look at the unspeakable.

If you are sensitive to the animal cause, do not hesitate to share this information to help these martyred Spanish greyhounds.

The Galgo in brief

  • His coat is short and smooth or mid-long and harsh.
  • All dress colors are possible and permitted.
  • It measures between 62 to 70 cm for the male and 60 to 68 cm for the female.
  • Its weight varies between 25 and 30 kilos.
  • His gaze is very expressive. We can really read his joy or his pain. It’s overwhelming.
  • It is particularly elegant.

Galgo Greyhound Character

Like all greyhounds, he has a formidable character.

  • Sweet, kind, calm.
  • Very affectionate without being intrusive.
  • Extremely sensitive, slightly anxious.
  • Don't bark.
  • Can live in an apartment with great walks to let off steam.

Galgo and hunting greyhound

Victim of an ancestral tradition:

  • Galgo Greyhounds are born to hunt because they are extremely fast, leaving their prey with little chance.
  • Every winter, as an ancestral tradition demands, the Spanish hunter or galguero hunts the hare without a rifle in southern Spain. It is his greyhounds that are his weapons while chasing hares.

The barbarism of men:

Galgo Greyhounds are not recognized as sentient beings who may be hungry, thirsty or feel fear and emotions, they are seen as tools. The greyhound must pay homage to his master by being efficient.

The martyr of the galgos greyhounds

When a galgo greyhound is no longer fit to hunt (around the age of three), hell begins for him and the galguero who must cleanse his honor is not short of ideas ...

  • We put his eyes out.
  • We throw it into a well.
  • He is left in agony
  • They cut his limbs alive.
  • Some drag it from the back of a car.
  • He is made to swallow bleach.
  • Galgo greyhounds have been burned.
  • We starve him.

It is unbearable and yet it is practiced with impunity in front of a public authority which remains insensitive. There are said to be 10,000 abandoned or tortured Galgo Greyhounds per year.

Did you know ?

This hunting practice has been banned in France since 1844.

Galgo associations: great volunteers

Fortunately, wonderful volunteers have created associations to help the Galgo Greyhounds.

  • As the galgos are not recognized as companion dogs in Spain (therefore little adoption), they are repatriated to France, Switzerland or Belgium after a stay in Spanish shelters where they are put back on their feet.
  • Entrusted to foster families, their psychological profile is assessed in order to subsequently offer them for adoption to a family that suits them.
  • All these volunteers have to face terrible situations and show patience and stubbornness, because these greyhounds sometimes have serious physical consequences and trauma that must be dealt with.
  • Yet these dogs demonstrate extraordinary resilience. Slowly, they trust the man again without seeking revenge. They are wonderful.

Adopt a galgo

If the fate of the greyhounds affects you and you have a place for one of them (to adopt or become a foster family), several associations such as Greyhounds Without Bordersor The voice of the greyhounds offer to fill out an online form to adopt one of them with photos and a description of their behavior and history. Applications are considered with great care.

Adopting a galgo will mean being patient, ignoring your past to give it a precise framework without overprotecting it. Otherwise, you will fuel their fear and past trauma.

If you adopt a galgo, it will give you back a hundredfold with all the elegance that characterizes it.

To meditate : "It is because animals do not cause that we must make their case. "

Szczepan Yamenski


© Olga Berrios

Video: Spanish Greyhounds: Finding Loving Homes for Mistreated Dogs. National Geographic (June 2022).


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