Life goes on in the vegetable garden

Life goes on in the vegetable garden

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No rest for the gardener! After the summer harvests, at the start of the school year, it is time to start sowing and planting winter vegetables.

As soon as the oldest of your plants beans no longer give, cut their stems flush, leaving the roots in the ground, so as to keep their nodules filled with nitrogen fixed by bacteria to enrich the soil. Pass the hook to level and install in their place the spinach winter. When they have a few leaves, you will mulch them with dead leaves that have been crushed with a mower.

Instead of courgettes, plant under a frame or plastic tunnel open and ventilated the lettuce winter sown in September. If the winter is mild, they will form their apple in March, otherwise it will be April or May. Protect them from the cold only in severe frost to reduce the risk of rotting.

Make way for lamb's lettuce!

From mid-August, sow the turnips autumn and winter "Boule d'Or yellow", the flat turnip from Milan and the "Nancy": they do not suffer from heat, do not go to seed and remain tender and without bitterness. Protect them from frost (- 10 °) with two or three layers of forcing veil placed on the leaves. You will harvest them from the end of October.

You can sow the chewed up until the end of September, especially if you live in an area with mild winters. For this late-season sowing, choose "Coquille de Louviers" which is resistant to frost and produces until the end of winter, when the chicory are all eaten. If it is hot and dry, protect your seedlings with fern fronds, cedar branches or upturned crates and keep the soil moist, taking care to water gently, otherwise the lamb's lettuce will not emerge.

Radish and green manure

Also think of small radishes such as "Ice candles" or the icicle radish that you can sow from the beginning of August for a harvest 4 to 5 weeks later. And if you still have room in your garden, sow green manure like phacelia, buckwheat, crimson clover, mustard or rye to avoid leaving the soil bare, to improve and protect it.

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