Last work before rest

Last work before rest

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The season is still conducive to some odd jobs before winter arrives.

As long as it does not freeze, there is no rest for the gardener!

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In the vegetable garden

Straw leeks, lettuce winter and strawberries with some dead leaves or with your vegetable mash. Butcher them artichokes and tie them up to protect them from freezing. Leave garlic, shallot and onions outdoors.

Roughly dig the clay soils, frost will reduce clods. Think of clean your tools with a brush to remove dirt. Grease them to prevent rust from setting in.

Lodgings for your auxiliaries

Do not destroy all the hollow stems of the plants to allow some insects valuable to your garden to settle there for the winter.

Collect leaves from your lawn to avoid bare spots at the end of winter: they can be used as mulch under hedges and shrubs where they will act as mulch and shelter for hedgehogs, for example.

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In the pleasure garden

Protect your young roses from frost with a mulch. You can even do a light winter pruning. Cut your roses favorite. Install the cuttings in sand away from direct sunlight, you can replant them in the spring.

Plant your last bulbs in the lawn: crocus, tulips and daffodils to announce spring.

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A little trip to the orchard

As long as it does not freeze, install them fruit trees and the berry shrubs of your choice. Protect your young fruit trees from drying out with jute bags.

Run a wire brush over the trunks to rid them of the eggs of pests, lichen and moss. Remove loose pieces of bark before brushing with a protective coating: it prevents freezing and prevents insects from laying their eggs.

If you want to multiply your berry shrubs, prepare layers: lower a branch that you will cover with earth. In the spring, you will separate it from the mother plant to make a new plant.

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