Winter jasmine: superb flowering

Winter jasmine: superb flowering

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Winter jasmine is a wonderful climbing plant with fragrant yellow flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Jasminum nudiflorum
Family : Oleaceae
Type : Vine

Height : 1 to 2 m
Exposure : Light
Ground : Soil

: Persistent -Flowering : January to March

Maintenance, from repotting to pruning through watering are all things that will help you to have a beautiful jasmine.

If you are looking for advice on star jasmine, the one that blooms in summer, follow this link

Planting winter jasmine

Fairly hardy, winter jasmine grows in most of our regions and climates.

Planting is best done in the fall to promote good rooting, but it can also be planted outside, paying attention to periods of frost or high heat.

  • Winter jasmine appreciates the sun or partial shade, a necessary condition for good flowering.
  • Mix the soil in your garden with potting soil
  • In a hedge, space each winter jasmine approximately 120 to 150 cm

Winter jasmine in a pot:

Winter jasmine, due to its slow growth, is the ideal plant to adorn balconies and terraces.

  • Winter jasmine, often grown in pots, should be repotted in spring, fair after flowering.
  • Choose a voucher potting soil for flowering plants or a mixture of peat and sand.
  • Take care when jasmine climbs on a support not to damage the stems during repotting. repot your jasmine.

Winter jasmine exhibition

The location and exposure of winter jasmine has a direct influence on its flowering and growth and development.

Although the hardiest jasmine and therefore the most cold hardy, it cannot be left outside in winter when in temperate climates. Its frost resistance is around -15 °

Elsewhere, especially in the mountains, it will have to be grown in pots to be able to shelter it from severe winter frosts.

In spring and summer:

The plant likes to be outside although he dreads locations that are too hot or too sunny.

So prefer a slightly hazy sunshine.

Indoors, do not expose your jasmine directly behind a window to the sun as it can dry out quickly. Protect it from the sun's rays.

Winter jasmine in fall and winter:

Jasmine needs cool in winter to flower and should therefore be placed in a place where the temperature does not exceed 15 °. It is not a houseplant or houseplant.

Care and pruning of winter jasmine

At spring, after flowering, a maintenance pruning is recommended (dead branches, general balance).

In order to promote the next flowering, you cut off all the stems from 10 to 25 cm while maintaining a beautiful silhouette.

Then, every month until fall, you pinch the new stems in order to promote new ramifications and, therefore, to have a more dense and generous flowering.

Watering winter jasmine

Watering winter jasmine well is important for flowering. It is a plant that needs water, but any excess could be harmful, especially in the fall.

Watering in spring and summer:

It was during this period that his water needs are greatest.

Generous watering 2 to 3 times a week is appreciated for winter jasmine, especially if the temperature is high.

  • Every 15 days, a fertilizer input will significantly improve the growth of your winter jasmine.

Watering in fall and winter:

Start with reduce all softlyt watering in order to water onlyonce a week in winter.

  • Stop adding fertilizer during flowering.

Good to know about winter jasmine

Winter jasmine is an odorless plant, unlike other jasmines which are used in many perfumes.

On the other hand, it is a climbing plant with a very beautiful flowering.

Finally, jasmine offers fruits, called berries, that are black in color when ripe that are not edible.

There are two types of jasmine: winter jasmine whose flowers are yellow and the summer or star jasmine whose flowers are white.

  • Winter jasmine is the only climbing plant to offer winter flowering

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