A warm house with lilies

A warm house with lilies

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It’s always difficult to adjust when summer turns to fall and winter. It's getting colder and darker ...

That's when you appreciate arriving in a house decorated with warm colors that radiate positive energy.

With a bouquet of colorful lilies, you will quickly achieve this result. © Ibulb

Beautiful colors

From warm orange to mystical purple. The liliaceae family shines in warm and vivid colors that you can combine with each other at will. Will you go for burgundy red-orange or red-purple-pink hues? You can add green, but you don't have to. Without additional leaves, lilies express themselves even better.

Hello fall!

Autumn calls for lush bouquets that allow you to bring the richness of nature into the home. Combine, for example, large-flowered lilies with ornamental grasses and the latest summer flowers, such as gladioli and dahlias. With berries, blackberries and rosehips, the warm fall look will be perfect.

Warm winter with the lily in bouquet

As autumn slowly turns into winter, you crave more and more a crackling fire, shared meals with friends and lots of candles, otherwise known as “hygge”, the Danish term for conviviality and which and increasingly used outside Denmark. Don't forget the fresh flowers: with a bouquet of sparkling lilies, your home will be like a warm blanket. Around Christmas time, you can treat yourself with a luxurious vase or a touch of gold. Or opt for the luxury of simplicity: a special lily - preferably fragrant - in a carefully selected vase. You will thus highlight the special character of this flower.

Botanical drawing

Stains, dots and stripes. The fleurs-de-lis sometimes display surprising, almost magical impressions. Watch carefully as the flowers bloom and open. You can also draw or paint them: fun for a rainy Sunday afternoon. With sweet scented lilies, the sensory experience will be intense. We wish you happy dark days!

Keep a bouquet of lilies

If you follow these care tips, you will enjoy your lily bouquet for a long time:

  • Cut, at an angle, two or three centimeters of the stem.
  • Remove the lower leaves (which would end up in the water).
  • Place a clean vase of clean water and cut flower food. Enjoy !

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