Maritime pine bark: excellent mulching

Maritime pine bark is an excellent mulch, both useful and very decorative.

It comes from maritime pines and its production is mainly located in the south west of France.

It has various advantages and in particular quite diverse uses.

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Benefits of pine bark

There are many benefits to using pine bark for plants and beds, especially for heather plants that like acidic soil.

But pine bark has many other advantages, bringing a decorative touch to the garden and highlighting the beds.

Here are all the benefits of maritime pine bark:

  • The bark is used to decorate the beds and plantations.
  • They save watering by maintaining moisture in the soil.
  • Pine bark helps limit the growth of weeds and pulling out is much easier.
  • Avoid erosion and evaporation.
  • Pine bark is ideal by the sea because it is resistant to the wind.
  • In winter, the bark protects the roots from cold and frost.

Thanks to the bark, the plants develop in a soil without weeds, loose and airy, maintaining good humidity.

  • The plants thus have a faster growth and a more abundant flowering.

Its pH is generally around 4.5 which makes it a relatively acidic product.

  • This peculiarity makes it an ideal mulch for heather soil plants. Rhododendron, azalea, camellia, hydrangea or heather

Mulching and watering

Thanks to its mulching effect, the bark prevents the soil from forming an impermeable crust and allows your plants to take full advantage of the watering and its nutrients.

This will notably benefit your geraniums, annuals in beds and planters, roses, perennials and various shrubs.

Bark mulch can also save 1 in 2 waterings.

Tip about pine bark

Proper use of pine bark can prolong the life of the bark.

  • Spread a layer of about 5 cm of bark on your plantations and repeat this operation every year.
  • Decorative and protective effects are guaranteed!

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