Indoor vegetable garden: simple and efficient

Indoor vegetable garden: simple and efficient

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You live in an apartment, your vegetable needs are minimal ... What if you opt for an indoor vegetable garden! Practical and aesthetic, it is more and more in vogue.

Do not think that the balcony is the ultimate condition for having the right to your vegetable garden when you live in an apartment. A new trend is developing: the indoor vegetable garden. You still have to respect a few rules ...

Rules to follow for an indoor vegetable garden

First of all, choose the location of your vegetable garden: kitchen, living room, dining room ... Everything is to choose a bright room and place the vegetable garden near a sunny window. Then the real fun begins. You will first need to determine in which types of container you want to install your plants: earthenware pots, planters, containers. Check that they are perforated at the bottom to drain the crops and that suitable saucers allow you to collect the excess water.

Now it's time to choose the plants. You can perfectly put several plants in the same planter as long as they have the same water and nutrient requirements and are planted at the same time. Obviously, if you intend this vegetable garden for consumption and not only for decoration, make sure that your plants are edible.

Herbs, vegetables or fruits?

The garden center vendors will be able to advise you according to your expectations and your needs. Thus, some will prefer to cultivate aromatic herbs as the basil, the chervil, the thyme, the parsley, the chive, the coriander or the mint. Others will set their sights on vegetables like tomatoes, the radish or even the lettuce ! In this case, you will just have to cut the leaves as you go. Lovers of strawberries can also have fun, but be careful, you will need column pots.

There is no more ! The most invested will do their seedlings themselves, but you can also buy seedlings and replant them in your containers using vegetable soil and after having installed, at the bottom, clay balls or gravel to ensure better drainage.

The mini indoor vegetable garden

Is your interior dark, your kitchen or your dining room facing north?

You too can have your indoor vegetable garden by using, for example, a new concept that consists of a container connected to a low consumption lamp reproducing daylight.

At the same time, the tank admits a water reserve and a mini-pump which ensures automatic watering for several weeks. Everything plugs into the mains or runs on batteries. The kit from Darty * comes with two sachets of nutrients and a getting started guide. This mini vegetable garden would only require 15 minutes of maintenance per month and no gardening experience. Its system would also allow a faster growing speed. So, are you interested in the experience?

* At Darty, mini-vegetable garden from € 69.90 to € 119.90 depending on the model.
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