The arrival of the puppy at home, practical advice

The arrival of the puppy at home, practical advice

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You've found the perfect puppy from a serious breeder. Since then, you have been impatiently ticking off the days between you and him on your calendar.

You endlessly look at photos of your furball as you imagine your life with it.

You are torn between joy and anguish. No doubt, you are ready to become parents!

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Purchases before the dog arrives

  • A identification medal with name and phone number
  • A necklace. Initially, a cat collar can do the trick very well. Then, you can choose an adjustable one that will accompany it throughout its growth.
  • A leash. With chain links, its lifespan will be longer and safer, as a puppy often happens to nibble, cut or worse eat it.
  • A harness scalable. It will make walking on a leash easier with better distribution of the animal's weight.
  • A loin for learning to recall and to walk.
  • A transport cageor inside to manage cleanliness, absences and car travel.
  • Of bowls. One for water, one for food. Those in stainless steel with a non-slip rubber offer a very good price-performance ratio (no wear or harmful substances, good stability).
  • Of sweets to reward and apply positive education.
  • A sleeping. A plastic basket is ideal for safety and maintenance. It can be nibbled and damaged, but not destroyed. The dirt will be wiped out with a sponge.
  • Of toys. They should be numerous, playful, sound, solid and of different textures for stimulation, occupation and arousal. Never leave a damaged toy.

The little extra:

  • A pharmacy with cleanser for the ears and for the eyes, a shampoo adapted to its coat, an anti-diarrhea (Smecta), a tick clip, a survival blanket, a scissor, compresses, a disinfectant, plaster, a brush, the number phone call from your veterinarian and animal emergencies.

To avoid :

Stock up on croquettes. Every good breeder offers specific foods. He will give you some for several days when you come to pick up your puppy. If you do not notice diarrhea, vomiting, gas, or large and frequent droppings in the days that follow, the kibble is suitable for him. It is better to continue feeding it with the same brand. Otherwise, seek advice from your veterinarian.

Prepare for the arrival of the puppy

As cute as it can be, a puppy does silly things and can't be clean. He is completely dependent. It is essential to give him rules as soon as he arrives so that he becomes a good dog in his paws. There is no such thing as a good or a bad dog (except in cases of genetic defects), there is only your involvement as a master.

You must assign it a place of his own. Why ?

  • So that he can sleep and eat safely
  • So that he learns to let go of you. This is essential for dealing with the anxiety of being away.
  • If you have guests or young children it will be much easier to manage.
  • And what could be more disagreeable and dangerous than a dog that you push around because he is always behind you.

When you have chosen this location, you can place its indoor cage with the door open. You will place his basket and his toys there. He will have to get used to eating and hitting it with a treat before he understands that this is not a punishment. At night or when you are away, close the door. He will be safe until you return. Very quickly, the puppy will associate the cage with his house and you can leave the door open. Many models fold. You can therefore take your dog's house during your holidays and leave it in all serenity in your rental. You can also choose to install a security barrier. But beware, as they grow up some clever kids will skip it easily.

If you choose to have him sleep outside, his doghouse should be raised off the ground and properly oriented to be out of the wind and shade in the summer. Think about good insulation. She should be twice the size of your dog as an adult. It is best to consult the laws of your municipality before installing a doghouse that is too large.

For the safety of your puppy:

  • Your garden must be perfectly enclosed
  • He must not have access to any dangerous product or food (rat poison, chocolate, etc.)
  • After consultation, the whole family must apply the same rules. Here's the first one: learn how to close the doors and the gate!

The arrival of the puppy at home

  • Don't forget to bring your collar, leash, bowl, water and a towel to soak up minor accidents. For the return, place it in its transport cage. Always prefer safety and common sense, because in the event of an accident the consequences can be disastrous.
  • When you are back, introduce him to his new home. Immediately start applying the rules you have chosen.
  • The first night will be difficult, because your puppy has left his siblings and all his landmarks

After a first meal and a final toilet trip, place him in his indoor cage with the door closed and do not turn around. You can leave him a hot water bottle to remind him of his mother's warmth, a toy to occupy him, and a blanket to absorb the wee that is inevitable at a young age. If he is crying, do not go see him, because he will understand that it gets your attention and he will do it again. This is it you are parents!

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Smart tip

If you had a good feelingwith the breeder, give him news. He is certainly worried about the future of this little being he has seen born and grow.


To meditate : "A dog, a cat is a heart with fur around it. "

Brigitte Bardot

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