Creating a chicken coop is easy!

Creating a chicken coop is easy!

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Hens in the garden!

If you have a little space in your garden, owning a few chickens means you always have fresh eggs on hand.

You don't need to have studied agronomy to embark on this adventure.

The hen house

In the first place, it is prudent to know whether in your neighborhood you are allowed to keep chickens. Once this has been checked, the installation of a chicken coop can begin.

If you have a lean-to, all you have to do is set it up. The main thing is that your residents are dry and protected from drafts. Plan some perches, nest boxes, and enough space, approximately one square meter for two hens. You can also build a chicken coop by choosing sufficiently insulating materials: breeze blocks or wood. The floor must be able to be disinfected easily. Cement is ideal, cover it with a layer of shavings or straw to limit the cold. Make sure that the hen house is well closed to avoid the visit of possible predators.

The hotel is ready, it is time to choose your hens. Some breeds are famous like the Gauloise dorée or the Gâtinaise. The easiest way is to call on a breeder in your region who will provide you with poultry selected for their qualities as good layers. If you only raise them for eggs, the presence of a rooster is unnecessary.

And the cutlery

Hens need space. The ideal is to leave them as free as possible so that they can scrape the ground for their food and roll in the dust to get rid of their parasites.

Put them in a large enclosure if you can't let them wander around at will. If the hens have a large area, they will find insects, earthworms and plants that you will complete with grain. Those who do not go out should bring a variety of foods. Your leftover meals, bread, vegetables, salads, meat may be enough if you only have two or three poultry. Make sure they have always fresh and clean watere. Occasionally feed them crushed oyster shells which are a source of lime for the eggs.

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