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These flowers that perfume winter

These flowers that perfume winter

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Fruity, flowery or vanilla, suave and bewitching, the scent of certain winter flowers is not inconspicuous.

A taste of spring that is good to enjoy during the cold season.

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Winter flowering, a matter of seduction

To attract the rare insects still active in winter, they redouble their seduction… fragrant. The flowers of winter flowering shrubs know how to stand out, releasing fruity, honeyed, vanilla or flowery scents, which it would be a shame not to do without.

Choose from the different varieties and plant one of these shrubs near your front door or in a passageway, sheltered from drafts, to get the most out of it throughout the flowering period. Also, be careful not to expose them to the east: the early morning sun could damage their flowers in frost.

Fragrant flowers in ordinary soil

Among the hardy shrubs that are not fussy, we find the chimonanthe, whose small yellow bells give off a scent of spices and exotic fruits in February. Place it in the sun.

Same for the winter honeysuckle - lonicera fragrantissima - a sure bet on the perfume side and an easy plant to succeed.

Fragrant flowers in winter in rich soil

In the cool, rich and well-drained soils, winter viburnums flourish, with the scent of jasmine and vanilla (try the rustic viburnum x bodnantense). Planted in partial shade on daphne "Bois jolie" will fill you with its sweet scent reminiscent of jasmine.

Thewitch Hazel mollis, with yellow or orange flowers, is another option, as is mahonia, which smells of Lily of the valley. Both will appreciate an installation in partial shade.

Little known, the sarcococca humilis maybe planted in a pot. A way for those who do not have a soil rich in humus in the garden to enjoy its pleasant scent of vanilla.

Fragrant flowers in winter in acidic soil

If your soil is rich and acidic, you can plant in partial shade a corylopsis pauciflora whose pale yellow bloom in early spring recalls the scent of orange.

The camellia sasanqua is another possibility, to install in the sun. In regions with mild winters, mimosa offers its delicate pompoms with the scent of rice powder. Elsewhere, the skimmia japonica appreciates cool soils: male “Rubella” plants do not have fruit but flowers with the scent of Lily of the valley.

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