Generous azaleas ...

Generous azaleas ...

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Created by the American specialist in rhododendrons Buddy Lees and labeled Fleurs de France, they bloom 2 to 3 times a year and are revolutionizing this family of azaleas.

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Generous azaleas ...

Abundant flowers, evergreen foliage and varied colors: the azalea is a magnificent shrub of the rhododendron family, almost a must in the garden. Her vintage air makes her a current plant star, she is reborn in all gardens!

By discovering the new Encore® varieties, resulting from several crosses, plant lovers will love it even more or rediscover it ...

Because if the classic azalea flowers in April-May and remains ephemeral, the first characteristic of this aptly named Encore® series is to bloom again naturally several times during the year: in spring, from March to April, it blooms with first abundantly.

Then from July to August and even from the end of September to October-November, especially if the light is there.

Its flowering is very good in beds and in pots, which makes it a spectacular flower.

Quality kneaded azaleas

Then, while theazalea classic is known to prefer a shady exposure, the Encore® azalea adapts not only to shade but also to full sun. This makes it possible to prolong the pleasure in the garden in tub or in beds.

This variety is available in many colors: raspberry pink for the Cardinal, light pink for the Beginner, bright pink for the Sangria, vermilion orange for the Sunset, white ribbed with pink for the Starlite ...

Flowers can be single, double or semi-double, some are short, others medium or erect. Many settings are therefore possible for the garden!

Finally, remember that in the language of flowers, the azalea expresses the first admission of love.

On the maintenance side, they like acidic soils, which are well drained but not dry, as well as a supply of fertilizer in the spring.

Indicative public price: € 24 per 4.5 liter pot

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