Indoor azalea: cultivation and maintenance advice

Indoor azalea: cultivation and maintenance advice

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Azalea, whether used indoors or outdoors, delights in early spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Rhododendron simsii
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub

: 50 to 120 cm
Exposure : Partial shade and shade
Ground : Acid, heather earth

: Persistent -Flowering : September to May

  • How to properly plant heather soil plants
  • Azalea japonica, the garden azalea

Maintenance, from planting to pruning to watering indoor azalea, should leave you with beautiful flowers.

Planting azalea

It is important not to do not expose the azalea too much to the sun and preferably choose a partially shaded place.

  • The azalea needs heather soil to grow
  • The soil must be well drained because it is a shrub that hates standing water
  • Follow the advice of planting heather earth plants

In order to have a spectacular bloom, do not hesitate to addheather plant fertilizer.

Indoor azalea exhibition:

Azaleas appreciate light but dread direct sunlight, especially when the plant is placed right behind glass.

Azaleas tend to flower very quickly in warm weather and will appreciate a rather cool place in the house.

Caring for an indoor azalea

The indoor azalea which, in general, blooms in winter is a plant that has been forced, that is, its development has been accelerated to flower earlier.

Also known as florists' azalea, the azalea is therefore not really a houseplant and fears the cold as much as it does the heating of our interiors.

Remove wilted flowers as you go.

  • Watering the potted azalea:

Azalea likes to be watered but does not like excess water, so be sure to water it without flooding it.

Water regularly when the soil is dry, without excess, so as not to not flood the roots that could rot.

Azalea after flowering

Unfortunately it is not easy to keep a plant that has been forced because its life cycle has been disrupted.

But we can still try because it can also work very well.

Keeping an azalea after flowering:

  • Place your potted azalea in a cool room, ideally around 10-15 °.
  • Stop all watering until the leaves first fall, this lasts about 1 month.
  • It will then be time to repot your azalea in heather soil or to plant it in your garden if all risk of frost has been ruled out.

Although the azalea flowers normally in spring, it should not flower again immediately if it has already flowered in a pot during winter.

> For your outdoor garden azaleas, follow our advice

Good to know about azalea cultivation

This shrub is actually a small-flowered rhododendron, remarkable at the beginning of spring for its beautiful colorful and vibrant bloom.

The azalea forms a pretty ball that highlights a generous bloom as well as the persistent dark green of its leaves.

It is part of the heather earth plants like the camellia.

The name azalea comes from the Greek "adzaleos" which means parched, referring to the fact that the azalea dries up very quickly.

Smart tip

To stimulate the development of the shrub, straw the base of the tree to maintain moisture.

Preferably choose an acidic mulch such as bark of maritime pine.

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