Sardine ceviche with minute marinated vegetables, kumbawa

Sardine ceviche with minute marinated vegetables, kumbawa

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Fresh and fragrant, this sardine ceviche with minute pickled vegetables and kumbawa is a real treat.

Ingredients for 6 people

  • 6 Sardines in fillet
  • 1 pepper red
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 half Black radish
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 onions red
  • 2 small branches of celery
  • 1 courgette fine
  • 1 half bunch of chervil
  • 1 bunch of chive
  • 1 lemon and a half
  • 1 half lime juice
  • Kumbawa

Sardine ceviche with minute seafood, kumbawa

Peel the vegetables.

Cut them into fine brunoise then marinate them with the juice of the lemons for a few minutes.

Add the finely chopped herbs, adjust the seasoning.

Season the sardines with a drizzle of olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, Espelette pepper, grated kumbawa.

When serving, add some herbs to the sardines and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Recipe: Christian Etchebest -Photo Credit: Laurent Rodriguez -Pavillon France

What is a sardine?

Sardines are not only eaten in a can! Fresh, it is inexpensive and much less fatty. It is the ultimate summer fish, the favorite of barbecues. You can spot her silver belly and bluish back on the stalls until October.

Where is it fished? Sardines are caught with purse seine, pelagic trawl in the Atlantic, as well as lamparo in the Mediterranean. It evolves in shallow water, in tight schools. For its conservation, on board, it is stored in tanks of ice-cold sea water.

What do you eat in sardines? It is cooked according to its size: the small or medium ones are grilled whole and the large ones are prepared in fillets or stuffed with vegetables and herbs.

How to choose it? The fresh sardine displays firm, shiny skin. You can grill it whole or cook its fillets prepared by your fishmonger. Small, it is delicious when fried, but the very lingering smell makes it necessary to prefer the grill or better the barbecue. Enjoy it on the day of purchase, or keep it fresh for 1 day. You can freeze it (3 months) after heading, peeling, emptying and wrapping in cling film.

Did you know ? Small in size (10 to 20 cm), fresh sardines are oily fish (9 g of fat per 100 g) but much less than a steak of beef or a leg of lamb.

Average price per kilo: 6 to 8 euros / kg

Video: Malaysia Sardine Fry in 5 Minutes Sardine Peratal in 5 Minutes (June 2022).


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