Plant trees!

Plant trees!

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After choosing your bare root tree and its location in the garden, take advantage of the month of November and the famous Saint Catherine (the 25th) to make your planting a success.

Several weeks before planting, dig a hole with a spade, making several piles so as not to mix the different layers of soil. Depending on the type of soil, the dimensions of the hole vary: 50 cm in all directions if the soil is of good quality; 80 cm wide by 40 cm deep for poor soil. In this way, the roots will spread out in width, in soil previously worked over a larger area to facilitate rooting

Loosen the bottom soil with a spade fork. Firmly push in a stake of peeled chestnut or acacia which must stand by itself: you will secure the young tree to it.

The right actions to plant trees

On the day of planting, cleanly cut off the roots with secateurs that were damaged when the tree was pulled up in the nursery. Do not touch the rootlets, those little roots that nourish the tree.

Brush the roots with praline, clay mixture, potting soil and water which protects the roots from drying out and facilitates recovery.

Place the tree in its hole, along the stake and at the right height: the graft point and neck should never be buried.

Start filling the hole with the soil from the bottom then continue with the next layers of soil.

Completely cover the roots, checking the height of the graft point. Raise the shaft slightly if necessary.

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A little compost and water when planting

Once the roots are covered, add two or three shovelfuls of compost on top.

  • Water copiously - 10 liters of water at one time - so that the soil penetrates between the roots.
  • The water will drive out the air pockets. Allow the hole to dry out before continuing to fill it with the top layer of soil.
  • Tamp the soil lightly with the heel.
  • Bring a second watering can of water if the weather is dry.
  • With a claw, loosen the surface of the hole and form a large watering basin that you will maintain weeded for several years.
  • Secure the tree to the stake with a flexible but strong tie. Do not tighten it too much because it will go down slightly with the settlement of the earth.

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