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Arabis: a basket of money in the spring

Arabis: a basket of money in the spring

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Arabis is a pretty herbaceous plant that blooms for a long time in the spring, offering delicate white flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Arabis Alpina
Family : Crucifers
Type : Perennial

: 30 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : April to June

Maintenance is easy and the decorative character perfectly suited for ground cover, rockery or edging.

Planting and sowing weed

Arabis likes well-drained soils and grows very well in sandy soil. Also, she likes very sunny situations but she tolerates light shade.

How to plant an Arabis:

The planting of the cannabis takes place without preference, at spring or atautumn.

Remember to water regularly at the beginning if you are planting in the spring and especially in the summer.

  • Multiplication by transplanting young plants from runners

Arabis seedlings:

Arabis is sown in the spring.

Sow under cover, avoiding direct sun.

Care of the cannabis

Cannabis is very easy to grow and maintain, especially when properly established.

Thus, simple monitoring of its progress is usually sufficient to prevent it from becoming invasive.

Remove faded flowers as you go if you wish, but this operation is absolutely not necessary

As the foliage is persistent, it is not useful to cut back after flowering.

Let it take possession of the premises and remove the leaves which become invasive.

To know about Arabis

The name arabis owes its name to the naturist Carl Von Linne. He saw there a similarity between the Arabian desert and the sand in which this flower particularly liked.

Arabis is particularly valuable at the edge of a massif, in a planter, but also in rock gardens and embankments.

She is very much courted by our friends the bees and goes particularly well with my campanulas and the aubrietes.

As'iberis, it is called silver basket for its abundant white bloom.

Smart tip about weed

The silver basket does not need watering during the summer ... a good point for water savings and for our planet!

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