Garden shed: ideal storage solution

Garden shed: ideal storage solution

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The garden shed is the ideal location for storing the essentials of gardening tools and for tinkering, preparing seedlings sheltered from the wind or the rain.

If the offer is more and more complete and the materials varied, what are the elements that should allow you to choose your garden shed.

The size of a garden shed varies depending on the size of your garden but also on the usefulness you want to give it.

Use of the garden shed

Besides the fact that it is used to store most gardening tools, mower, gasoline or even plant treatment products, the garden shed can also be used as a DIY or seedling preparation.

It is also used, when lit by a window, to protect frost plants from the cold during winter.

The trunk or the exterior storage cabinet

It is the ideal solution for storing small gardening equipment such as a watering can, hand tools, but also patio accessories such as cushions or summer planters and pots.

Advantages of the storage box:

  • Its size is small since its size varies from 1 to 3 m 2.
  • It can even be used on a large terrace

Disadvantages of the storage box:

  • It offers little storage capacity
  • The materials used are wood, pvc and metal. If wood is the material that requires the most maintenance, the pvc cabinet or chest does not require any, which is an obvious plus.

The wooden garden shed

It is surely the most common of our gardens because it is the more aesthetic and the one that blends in best with the landscape.

We find different types of wood such as pine, spruce or cedar.

it is essential that the wood is autoclave treated class 4 for maximum durability.

Finally, choose woods FSC or PEFC labeled because it is the guarantee that they come from cultivated and controlled forests.

  • Its size is variable since the size of wooden chalets generally varies from 3 to 12 m2.
  • It is the most aesthetic of garden sheds since it uses wood, a 100% natural material

Disadvantages of the wooden garden shed:

  • Wood is a material that does not require a bit of maintenance over the years.

PVC resin garden shed

Like PVC windows and doors, the garden shed has not escaped this modern material which offers many advantages.

Strong, light and easy to maintain, the pvc resin shelter is also much more quick and easy to assemble.

Unlike wood, it is a material that do not deform with heat or cold.

In addition to this, PVC is very resistant to impact and UV rays.

Advantages of the PVC resin garden shed:

  • It is without doubt the shelter of tomorrow for its ease of assembly and maintenance.
  • Ideal for seaside situations, the material used does not deteriorate over time.

Disadvantages of the PVC garden shed:

  • Although great improvements are made to the aesthetic appearance, it does not blend in as well with the garden as a traditional log cabin.

Metal garden shed

It is a roughly similar solution to the resin shelter for its ease of assembly.

Advantages of the metal shelter:

  • It is easy to assemble and requires little maintenance for all galvanized metal shelters.

Disadvantages of the metal shelter:

  • It can age badly if you live by the sea.
  • Less aesthetic than wood, it can nevertheless be painted easily but will lose its easy maintenance aspect.

Garden shed and building permit

The construction of a garden shed requires a building permit if the area is greater than 20 m2.

On the other hand, you must make a simple declaration of work for all surfaces less than 20 m2.

  • To read: Regulations and laws on garden sheds

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