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Palm laurel: ideal as a persistent hedge

Palm laurel: ideal as a persistent hedge

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Palm laurel is an evergreen shrub that often appears as a hedge shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus laurocerasus
Family : Rosaceae
Type: Shrub, laurel

: 1 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny to shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering: April -Foliage : Persistent

Easy to maintain, it is appreciated for its rapid growth and opacifying foliage. (Photo credit: hcast)

Palm laurel plantation

Palm laurel can be planted from October to March, with a preference for fall to promote rooting before winter.

As a hedge, separate each foot at least 80 cm to 1 m for a hedge about 2 m high. To climb higher, space each foot a little more.

  • The palm laurel likes rather sunny situations
  • It tolerates all types of soil
  • Find our advice planting shrubs

Laurel palm pruning

It exists 2 pruning periods for your palm laurel, in spring and fall.

It is a shrub that does not fear pruning, even if it is severe.

  • In hedges, prefer annual pruning in the fall, in descending sap, if you want to slow down its growth.
  • If you prune in the spring, your palm laurels will grow faster.
  • Find our advice for prune the shrubs well

Laurel palm and diseases

It is a shrub fairly resistant to most diseases but it is not free from attacks by pests, especially aphids.

They can be clearly distinguished inside the leaves, they are small green insects.

  • Find our treatment against aphids.

When the leaves turn yellow or become discolored, there is usually a deficiency in the soil and an application of fertilizer may be necessary.

Finally, if we see orange spots on palm laurel, it is due to lead disease. We must then eliminate the infested subjects because there is no treatment and this may cause your entire hedge to die off if it is a laurel palm hedge.

Toxicity of palm laurel:

The laurel palm, also called cherry laurel gives off cyanide which should naturally never be ingested.

Some herbivorous animals can die from it, but others, such as dogs, can also be severely affected after ingesting the leaves, branches or fruits of palm laurel.

Palm laurel, ideal hedge shrub

Palm laurel is a shrub that isolates noise oflooks.

It is an excellent natural sound insulator.

You live by the side of a busy road, near a highway or simply in a noisy neighborhood, this shrub is one of the best natural sound insulators.

Thanks to its dense foliage, leathery and thick leaves, the noise is much more deadened than with most other shrubs.

  • Palm laurel is therefore a choice hedge shrub.
  • A relatively tight plantation will allow you to have a beautiful green wall, a hedge.
  • Regular pruning to densify the foliage will improve insulation performance

Tip about palm laurel

As a hedge, alternate your palm laurel with ’other evergreen shrubs, the effect will be even prettier.

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Video: Laurel Hedge Trimming (June 2022).


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